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Epoxy Polyester Powders are based on a combination of Polyester Resins and Epoxy Resins. These products are recommended for cost effective interior decorative applications.

Epoxy polyester powder coatings are recommended for use in interior situations where toughness, chemical resistance, and good mechanical resistance properties are essential. Epoxy polyester powder coatings also offer good color stability and excellent decorative appearance and are not much affected by exterior exposure, although chalking will occur progressively.

Basic Applications :

  •   Light Fittings
  •   Refrigerators
  •   Wire works
  •   Food processors
  •   Microwave ovens
  •   Washing machines
  •   Television
  •   Furniture
  •   Deep freezers
  •   Radiators
  •   Boilers
  •   Dish washers etc.