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Pure epoxy powders are based on combination of epoxy resins and hardeners. These products are recommended for interior decorative applications.

These are formulated to give required gloss and smooth coatings with excellent adhesion, flexibility and chemical resistance.

Mainly used for interior general purpose and external application where excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance properties are required. Epoxy powders are mainly used where high toughness, excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical resistance, good electrical insulation properties with good adhesion required.

Basic Applications :

  •   Heating and Lighting equipment
  •   Electric appliances
  •   Control panels
  •   Metal Furniture
  •   Office Equipment
  •   Work Tools
  •   Laboratory Equipment
  •   Hospital Industry
  •   Light fittings
  •   Internal automobile components
  •   Display stands
  •   Instrument panels
  •   Domestic utensils
  •   castings
  •   Shelving
  •   Cabinets etc.