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Our manufacturing plant is equipped with a state of art Laboratory having ultra-modern equipments.
The Lab is also equipped with its own Lab-mixer, small extruder, Lab - pulverizer, Lab seiver, lab coating booth and lab oven for all our R&D and QC work. These facilities reap the best of the quality Powder Coating powder with desired parameters.

The ultra modern equipments used in our R&D and QC work are listed below.

       Extruder Twin Screw 32mm ( Lab Model )with Mixer.
       ACM Mill (ACM-3 Lab Model) With Shifter
       Constant water bath
       Gloss Meter (BYK )
       DFT Meter
       Salt Spray Chamber
       Impact Tester
       Gel-time Tester
       Cross Hatch Cutter
       Cupping Test Apparatus
       Scratch Hardness Tester
       Conical Mandrel

At Fortunecoat, we do undertake rigorous online quality check for consistency to ensure batch to batch conformity. All the material passes through metal detector at the start of manufacturing process. Our well-defined quality check points right from Raw Material to finished product, ensures batch to batch conformity which in turn is validated with pre-manufactured batch samples. Thus when the batch clears all the quality check points as per set parameters for conformity & quality, it is then approved for packaging.